Ask a Hairstylist: How Do I Know If I Can Pull Off a Lob?

Ever wish you had your own personal hairstylist at your beck and call, ready to offer expertise on all your pressing hair dilemmas? We did, too, hence our Ask a Hairstylist series featuring celebrity hair guru Mark Townsend. (He’s responsible for the Olsens’ iconic tresses; coifs their younger sister, Elizabeth; and styles the strands of Dakota Johnson, Shay Mitchell, and others. Oh, and he’s Dove’s celebrity hair pro.) In this series, Townsend offers up the next best thing to a 24/7 hairstylist: a seasoned pro willing to answer all your burning (not literally… we hope) hair questions.

For this month’s column, we had one thing on the mind: lobs. The hottest haircut of 2015 doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, with a new celebrity going for the chop every week. However, will the cut work for your unique face shape? How do we ensure we don’t leave the salon with regret? We asked him to explain it all from a hairstylist’s perspective. Keep scrolling to see his answer!

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