Lo Bosworth Just Launched a New Product Line—You'll Never Guess What It Is


Mike Coppola/Getty

You may remember Lo Bosworth from Laguna Beach or The Hills. As Lauren Conrad's BFF, she stayed loyally by her side through all the friend and dating drama. Things have changed a lot since then, and now a media mogul, Bosworth runs a successful site called The Lo Down, which covers everything from beauty, fitness, and travel to politics. She also has a podcast called Lady Lovin', which focuses on all things female empowerment. Can you say #boss?

Bosworth's newest venture, Love Wellness, is a line of feminine hygiene products that are made from truly natural ingredients—something that is surprisingly absent in the health market. From pH-balancing products to health supplements, the brand promises to heal and eliminate common issues that women face.

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"Up until now, maintaining good feminine health hasn't been a straightforward endeavor, due to a lack of resources available—from educational materials to clean, natural products formulated to specifically address a woman's unique biology."

The line is composed of seven different products. Three of them—a cleanser, moisturizer, and wipes—are for topical use. There's also a boric acid suppository to relieve oneself of pesky infections. The other three are for wellness from the inside out; these include a probiotic supplement, a vitamin, and blue tea.

When she says "natural," she means it. The Love Wellness Perfect Condition Vitamin ($28) is a mix of ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric, folic acid, garlic, and grape-seed extract, all of which have some serious health and beauty benefits. Keeping all ingredients 100% natural was important to Bosworth, who was inspired to launch the brand after experiencing some health issues of her own and failing to find any chemical-free solutions.

Did we mention that it's also incredibly affordable? All products are priced under $30, with many being priced much lower. We're most intrigued by the Blue Tea ($24), which is a powdered supplement made from the amazing superfood blue-green algae. You can add it to a smoothie or drink it alone as a cold tea tonic.

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