Love Wellness Probiotics Make Words Like "Bacteria" and "Gut" Fun

Meet the latest addition to Lo Bosworth's wellness empire.

Love Wellness Probiotics

Love Wellness

Let's go back, back to the beginning. Back to when Lo Bosworth was best known as the quick-witted best friend on MTV's monster hit Laguna Beach. That was a staggering 17 years ago, and everything about Bosworth's life has changed—except her glow. Despite two decades, a cross-country move, a culinary school degree, and creating one of the most buzzed-about wellness startups in recent memory, Bosworth's radiant skin remains the one constant. She credits probiotics—along with a robust skincare routine and a healthy diet. So, it comes as no surprise that gut health is the next target of Love Wellness' rapidly expanding line.

The Inspiration

"Probiotics are the new multivitamins: a critical supplement everyone should be taking daily in an effort to battle the preservatives in food, antibiotics, pollution, chemicals, and stress we deal with constantly," Bosworth explains to Byrdie.

"All of these things contribute to challenged gut health and can negatively affect the gut axis microbiomes of the brain, skin, vagina, and more." That helps explains why these two probiotics were the next step for Love Wellness. The line's cult-classic supplement, Good Girl Probiotics ($25), was an early launch for the company that quickly became a best-seller. Good Girl was their first localized probiotics, and customers have been asking for more ever since.

"We always survey our community during our product development process to ensure we understand the needs of our customers," Bosworth says. "Diverse probiotic products were some of the most requested products due to the incredible efficacy of our best-selling probiotic Good Girl Probiotics so we put our efforts here."


Love Wellness

The Brand

In just five years since the brand's launch, Love Wellness has become something of a vitamin phenomenon. You've undoubtedly seen the bottles and their cheerful shades lining the aisles at Target and Ulta. But, Love Wellness is a brand that can actually back up the hype.

Thousands of four- and five-star reviews live alongside the Love Wellness bestsellers online, with some of the most-used words including phrases like "game-changer" and "within days." Bosworth herself takes both of the new probiotics daily along with Good Girl. "I take them in the morning with Sparkle Fiber since fiber is a good food source for probiotics (the live bacteria in these products) and gives them the fuel they need to do their job!" she says, though it may take between 4-6 weeks to see the new launches' full results.

Love Wellness embraces an inside-out approach to health that's quickly gaining popularity. But for Bosworth, it's something she's embraced all along. To her, the supplements are another component of intuitive living, listening to what your body is trying to express and targeting treatment accordingly.

"Take a look at your daily lifestyle habits," she recommends. "What hurts you? What heals you? Eat, move, and think more intuitively and your body will thank you. Probiotics are a critical part of the human journey in 2021 regardless of how healthy you are. Everyone takes an antibiotic sometimes that can kill good bacteria in the body, everyone deals with stress which affects gut health, and everyone confronts pollution in the air."

Love Wellness collection of products

Love Wellness

The Products

Clear Skin Probiotic ($25) and Gut Feelings Probiotic ($30), both available today, work together to keep the good bacteria in your body regulated and flourishing. The gut health duo also fight off some of the less desirable internal bacteria. In the case of Clear Skin, Bifidobacterium longum BB536—the star ingredient and a bit of a mouthful—is clinically proven to improve skin firmness, dryness, redness, and of course, acne.

Bosworth's plan was to take that bacteria strain, combine it with other skin-boosting ingredients like zinc and chasteberry extract (which you might know as vitex), and confine it all to one small, easy-to-swallow pill for daily use. Her other new supplement, Gut Feelings, is a three-in-one pre, pro, and post-biotic formula that promotes good bacteria for a calmer stomach, overall improved gut health, and a strengthened your body's natural barrier. The same way your skin barrier can be breached and damaged by harsh topicals, the gut's barrier can also be weakened by trauma and diet which may exacerbate conditions like food allergies and even autoimmune disorders.

Always consult with your doctor before adopting any new vitamin or supplement regimens. Only your health care providers know what's best for you individually.

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