Everyone Loves Living Proof's Dry Shampoo—But This Product Might Be Better

Among other tricky, hard-to-master beauty products (self-tanner, liquid eyeliner, false lashes, the like), the number of times I've felt personally victimized by even the "best" hair spray formulas is too high a number to count. In fact, I've been so turned off by my litany of spray bottles over the years, I pretty much dismissed the product completely from my arsenal, save for a few that have legitimately helped (and not savagely ruined) my strands. However, this rather sad circumstance is what I'd personally like to coin BBB, which stands for before Body Builder, Living Proof's high-tech and brand-new addition to the Perfect Hair Day family. Intrigued? It gets better.

Perfect Hair Day Body Builder 7.3 oz/ 257 mL
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Builder Hairspray $29

So what makes Living Proof's soon-to-launch delivery so entirely fabulous? It blasts lank, lackluster strands with weightless body that won't turn your hair into an immovable chunk of concrete.

Of course, all this is absolutely wonderful, but what will truly separate Body Builder from virtually every other hair spray on the market is its interesting touch of innovation—a customizable nozzle which essentially allows you to choose how much hold you want. 


To do so, you'll turn the nozzle toward more (signified by the M) for a spray particle size that's 46% bigger with a 25% higher spray rate and which is "designed to give you the maximum amount of body." Then, for less impact, you'll turn the nozzle to less (L) for a lower spray rate and particle size, which the brand says is perfect for subtle body or when you want to concentrate hold in a specific area. Genius, no? Oh, and did we mention it also boasts heat protection up to 450 degrees? Thankfully, you can now forget the days of singeing our hair post-spray forever. 

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