Exclusive: Lisa Eldridge Shares 5 On-Set Makeup Tricks Everyone Should Know


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Lisa Eldridge is a makeup artist who has transcended to celebrity status in her own right. She has amassed over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and is the woman that Dua Lipa, Alexa Chung, Kate Winslet, Emma Roberts and Eva Green (to name just a few) trust to paint their faces for events and photoshoots. She is the author of the most wonderful coffee table beauty book Face Paint, a prolific YouTuber (with almost 2 million subscribers) and the Global Creative Director for Lancôme. Oh, and her line of namesake lipsticks are a work of art (new shades will be launching this autumn). In short, what Eldridge doesn’t know about makeup is not worth knowing.

During my career in beauty, I’ve been lucky enough to work on quite a few shoots with Eldridge. She is mega-talented (of course) but also an absolute professional and joy to be around. I called on Eldridge to share with me the makeup tricks she thinks everyone should know and she delivered (of course). From her eyebrow shaping trick to her complexion-perfecting secret, read, learn and commit to memory.

Emma Roberts, makeup by Lisa Eldridge


Emma Roberts in a gemstone eye look by Eldridge.

#1 The Secret to Filling in Brows Like a Pro

"Take a good look at your brows from all angles: brush them up, down and the wrong way. This helps you see the true natural shape so you can figure out where the gaps and imbalances are.

Now, to fill in. With your brows brushed down, start at the high point (your arch) and, taking a pencil, sketch out a basic structure using super-light, fine and feathery strokes. It's like architecture; once you’ve got the underlying foundations right, you can build the rest of your brow around it."

See Lisa's eyebrow tutorial here:

#2 The Secret to Making the Most of Your Natural Lashes

"Unless you have naturally curly lashes, always use eyelash curlers before you apply mascara. It's essential for a bright, wide-eyed look. I've used Shu Uemera's eyelash curlers for years.

When applying your mascara, don’t be afraid to spend time at the roots. Put your brush right in there flat against the roots and gently massage for as long as possible (longer than you think!), before wriggling from side to side as you slowly comb upwards.

If your eyes start to water at any point, tilt your head backwards and sniff… It works brilliantly!"

She Uemura Lash Curlers
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#3 The Secret to Long-Lasting Lipstick Every Time

"If you want your bullet lipstick to behave like a long-lasting liquid lipstick, the key is thin layers, rather than applying lots of product in one go.

Start by filling your lips in with a small amount of lipstick, working it really well into your lips with a brush. This creates a long-lasting, base stain. Add another layer of lipstick, again working it in well, and then blot with a tissue. Next step is pencil, particularly if you want to even out (or change) the shape of your lips. Apply it with lots of small circular strokes and blend well into the lipstick stain to make sure that you don't end up with an obvious solid line around the lips. Finish by dabbing a light layer of lipstick on to your lips straight from the bullet."

Eva Green


Eva Green in a bold, retro lip by Eldridge.

#4 The Secret to a Natural-Looking Complexion

"Foundation isn't meant to obliterate your skin completely (it's not to be confused with theatrical, stage or TV makeup). It's there to even out skin tone and conceal minor flaws.

Once you have applied a light coverage of foundation, use my pinpoint concealer technique to cover any blemishes, imperfections and pigmentation. Stipple a tiny amount of a heavy-duty, high coverage concealer for the most tricky blemishes or pigmentation and blend the edges well with a small brush."

See Eldridge's technique 6 minutes into this tutorial video:

#5 The Secret to Banishing Puffiness

"Technically, this is a skincare trick, but it helps your makeup look its best. I always keep a good stash of under-eye pads, massaging tools and eye creams in the fridge on shoots. When it comes to a puffy complexion, massaging with anything cold is fantastic. My jet-lagged clients thank me when I'm able to transform their faces within minutes."

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