There's Now "Liquid Spanx" for Eye Bags, Because Sure

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Under-eye bags are an accessory we could all afford to live without (if we could). But busy lives, long hours, seasonal allergies, and even genetics play a role putting puff and sag right beneath the windows to our soul. While topical ointments and tricks like ice or refrigerated spoons can help to reduce the problem, the results are never 100%. So it was only a matter of time before "liquid Spanx" for your eyes (as the geniuses behind it are cleverly calling it) was bestowed upon us, promising to treat our under-eye woes (and capture our collective attention).

Olivo Lab's Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) chemical engineer and co-founder of Living Proof, is the mastermind behind this brand-new formulation. The product uses compression technology in two stages to bring Spanx-like results to the most delicate area of our face. The invisible base cream is applied first, followed by a second cream that acts as a catalyst, which causes the cross-link reaction that tightens under-eye skin while smoothing out lines. "What all this does is it makes a very adherent layer on top of your skin," says Langer in a video feature for MIT. "It's very soft, and yet it's still quite mechanically strong, and it's essentially invisible." The product is durable enough to survive washing and rubbing but is removed at once with an oil-free makeup remover.

This first formulation targets under-eye skin, but Langer says the technology could be used to help with other areas of the body such as reducing the appearance of cellulite or even deliver drugs to treat skin conditions like eczema. Though the technology has been around for a few years now, it hasn't yet been licensed, so unfortunately it may still be some time before we're able to shop and try the miracle that is liquid Spanx for eye bags.

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