This Girl Got a Nonsurgical Nose Job in 5 Minutes

We now live in an era where getting a little nip here and a tuck there can be as simple and convenient as dashing out during your lunch break. Case in point: the "liquid nose job," a noninvasive alternative to plastic surgery that utilizes fillers to reshape the nose in as little as five minutes. So what does such a procedure actually entail, and more importantly, does it actually work? One brave soul documented her experience for Refinery29, and the before and after photos themselves are pretty telling.

Los Angeles–based stylist Jazmin relayed the entire procedure, from the appointment itself to the aftermath. (Spoiler: There is a weeklong recovery time, but that certainly beats the months it takes for plastic surgery to heal completely.) Jazmin says that it didn't hurt at all, and from the photos below, you can clearly see how well it worked.

Courtesy of Refinery29

Head over to Refinery29 to read about the entire experience from start to finish. If sculpting your face with fillers still sounds too invasive for you, consider the bone structure–enhancing skincare products below.

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