5 Non-Drying Liquid Lipsticks for People Who Hate Liquid Lipstick

We can’t pinpoint the precise date and time when liquid lipsticks took over the makeup industry, but sometime within the past year, our Instagram feeds, makeup artists’ kits, and the beauty closet at Byrdie HQ all became overrun with the stuff.

The perks of liquid formulas are manifold, and we can see why many people prefer them over their traditional, solid counterparts.

Pros of a typical liquid lipstick:

  • High impact color
  • Super-long wear
  • Budge-proof formula

But to be honest, most of us Byrdie editors kind of, well, hate liquid lipsticks. Perhaps hate is a strong word. What we mean to say is that despite the hype, for us, the negatives of liquid lipstick outweigh the positives.

Cons of a typical liquid lipstick:

  • Drying
  • Messy
  • Hard to apply
  • Requires frequent touch-ups

However, amid the scores of liquid lipsticks on the market, there exist five rare products that have beaten the odds. But don’t just take our word for it. We test-drove these non-drying products IRL and have the pics to prove it.

Here’s what we did: Five editors each applied our product of choice at 8:30 a.m., didn’t touch up a single time until 1 p.m., and then posed for the following photos. Keep scrolling to read our reviews of five extraordinary liquid lipsticks!

What’s your favorite liquid lipstick? Tell us your recommendation in the comments below!