This New Makeup Challenge Is Going Viral—and We Can't Look Away

Liquid lipsticks are on everyone's radar these days. From Kylie Jenner's line of colorful Lip Kits ($29) to the latest from Pür Cosmetics, the new wave of lipsticks is here to stay. They are so popular that a few months ago, one vlogger decided to do some of her makeup beyond lips using Kylie Jenner's famous line of liquid lipstick. She may have been on to something, because more recently vlogger Amy Macedo officially made it a challenge to do a full face of makeup using only liquid lipsticks.

It sounds crazy, and it kind of is when you think about doing a full face of makeup using matte lip products, but the results are pretty spectacular. Other vloggers like Jeffree Star and Manny Gutierrez followed suit, as did Nikkie Tutorials who knocked it out of the park. The challenge is meant to be fun and experimental—not serious at all—but there's something really cool about seeing a makeup artist achieve a beautiful result that makes us want to watch more and more of these videos. Nikkie jokingly points out that a liquid lipstick is not ideal face makeup since most formulas tend to be drying and there aren't many foundation-worthy shades out there. Either way, more and more vloggers are taking the challenge, and we're enjoying seeing the final looks despite the fact that we wouldn't dare waste a tube of our favorite shades of Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick ($20) on our face!

Check out our favorite liquid lipstick challenge videos below to see how creative these vloggers got.

Which look do you think was the best? Tell us in the comments, and shop our picks for new matte liquid lipsticks.