I Tried the Bizarre Lipstick Hack Jude Law's Daughter Swears By

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Paley Fairman

As a beauty editor, people often ask me where I learn my best beauty tips. The answer is usually from a makeup artist or fellow Byrdie team member. But my favorite makeup trick of so far came from a very unexpected source: Jude Law's 16-year-old daughter, Iris.

I previously interviewed the up-and-coming model on behalf of her new campaign with Burberry Beauty (Iris is the face of its Liquid Lip Velvet, $34). As we were chatting makeup, Iris mentioned that her favorite way to use her liquid lipstick is not on her lips at all. She uses it as "colorful eye shadow," she told me with nonchalance, explaining that she applies a dusty pink shade to her lids for daytime and a vampy oxblood "as more of a bold thing."

At first, the idea of putting lipstick on your eyelids seemed backward (or upside down, as it were). But on second thought, it made perfect sense. The liquid lipstick's saturated color would surely last much longer than your average liquid eye shadow, and a whipped, hydrating formula like Burberry's would guarantee crease-free wear.

Just to make sure, I brought the idea to celebrity makeup artist Brittany Spyksma—and she was totally on board. "I've used lip pencils as eyeliner, cream blush on lips, and I regularly use my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments ($24) on my lips and cheeks," she told me. "Makeup should be fun, and you can bend the rules on how to use so many products." With the blessing of a professional and a famous teenager, I decided to give it a try. See the three resulting looks ahead.

Matte Millennial Pink

liquid eyeshadow
Paley Fairman

For my first attempt at Iris's liquid lipstick hack, I chose a matte millennial pink shade from Pür Cosmetics. (I didn't have Iris's Burberry pick on hand, but I did have half a dozen shades of Pür. I figured since the texture is also whipped, it might work well—and it did. As I'd learn, a moisturizing, not-totally-matte texture is ideal for this look, so it's best to use whipped formulas, as opposed to your Kylie Lip Kits and Colourpop tubes.)

Pür's velvety liquid lipstick truly feels like it was meant to double as an eye shadow. Thanks to the doe-foot applicator, I was able to apply a spot of product quickly and easily on each lid. The application actually reminded me a lot of Giorgio Armani Eye Tint ($30), a liquid eye shadow that comes in similar packaging.

After dotting the product on each lid, I blended it out with my finger. Then, feeling experimental, I used the tip of my pinky to swipe some of the excess product along my lower lash line. By the end, I had a modern, monochromatic eye look that required two minutes, no skill, and no brushes.

Honest to goodness, the first day I wore this, I received more compliments than any other eye makeup product I've worn in months. Who knew?

Deep Burgundy

pink eyeshadow
Paley Fairman

The other fun thing about this technique is that most liquid lipsticks come in shades that are really hard to find in eye shadow form. Rust, pink, and other warm-toned eye shadows are undeniably trendy right now, but I haven't found any that are as pigmented and easy to apply as I'd like. These liquid lipsticks solve the problem.

This vampy eye looks complicated, but it seriously took me three minutes, and again, all I used were my fingers and two shades of Pür lipstick (its formula is seriously ideal for this). The first was Dutty Wine ($11), a deep burgundy. I simply dotted the product on each lid and blended with my finger, making sure the pigment faded out seamlessly at the crease—a little goes a long way with this stuff. Then, just like before, I swiped the excess along my lower lash line. Next, I layered on a vampiric purple shade, About Last Night ($11), concentrating it at the outer corners of my lid, as well as the lower lash line. Wear this look on a night out, and I promise people will think you went to professional makeup school. (Merci, Iris.)

Glossy Pink

Pink eye makeup
Paley Fairman

After a few weeks of going the matte route, I tested out this glossy pink lid, a look that has yielded so much praise, it's become my signature. All it takes is a light, muted pink shade and a dab of lip balm on top to create that dewy effect. (I used Glossier Balm Dotcom ($12), but Smith's Rosebud Salve ($7)—or any nonsticky balm—would also work.) I used Pür Oh Bae for the look above, but BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Kissyface ($20), another whipped formula, is equally great.

The staying power of these products is just as impressive as I suspected. (And if you're wondering, it doesn't irritate the eyes at all). Combine that with the ease of application and trendy color selection, and I can see no downside to trying the look yourself.

Ed. Note: Pür Cosmetics does not promote using their liquid lipstick around the eye area, as the products contain a few red dyes that may not be suitable for application around on the eyes. So if you know you have sensitive eyes, be cautious.

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