8 Stunning Lipsticks for Dark Skin Tones



We know—it's the ultimate struggle finding lipstick shades that suit your skin tone. As a woman of color, getting my hands on beautiful hues that complement my chocolate complexion is a constant battle. It takes a whole lot of trial and error and group-chat recommendations from my girlfriends to find winning lipsticks that bring out my warm mix of yellow and red undertones.

There are shades out there that look damn good on a wide spectrum of dark skin tones, though. Unlike the popular misconception, one shade certainly does not fit all when it comes to dark skin tones. I want you to stop believing colorful shades like bold berries and bright pinks won't look good on your deep skin tone, because they will, and here's proof.

We called on L'Oréal celebrity makeup artist Sir John (widely known for his work with Beyoncé) and Laura Mercier global makeup artist Jerry Johnson to share the shades they recommend for women of color. Click through and bookmark this page for later.