7 3-Minute Party Looks Just Using Lipstick

The transformative power of lipstick knows no bounds. Find your perfect shade and it can become a real confidence-booster. But your trusty lipstick doesn't have to be confined to your lips. Beauty is about breaking rules and having fun, so let loose with your lippie and try using it on other parts of your face. Blend it onto your cheeks for a pretty flush or around your eyes for a hazy wash. Since lipstick is formulated to be worn on your lips, and essentially ingested, it's pretty safe to use on other parts of your face. And thanks to the inherently creamy formula of lipstick, it makes it an easy and quick way to transform your look.

Now, we're not suggesting you do this every day, but if you're going from desk to dance floor this party season and you only have a capsule makeup bag at your disposal, it's useful to know how your trusted lipstick really can be your beauty BFF. We're not saying, by some miracle, you can do a whole face with a lipstick, you'll still need your foundation or concealer and mascara, but the rest can be achieved from that one bullet.

Party Eyes

model with orange eye makeup

A smudge of rust-hued lipstick is super flattering. Dab the bullet directly onto your eyelids and then, using a fluffy blending brush like the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush ($34), smudge the color up to the crease and down under the lower lash line. Eye look in three minutes, done.

Berry Beauty

Model with purple eyeshadow

You know that berry lipstick shade that's so hot right now? You can use it on your eyelids as shadow; just be sure to ramp up your lashes with tons of mascara. Pat a little on your lips for what Shay Mitchell's makeup artist Patrick Ta calls a monochromatic look, or make like Jourdan Dunn (pictured) and just apply clear balm.

Use as Blush

model with peach blush

That soft beige or coral lipstick you love? You can use it to contour. Et voilà! Cheekbones Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would be proud of. Try MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy ($19).

Create a Soft Smoky Eye

model wiith smokey eye makeup

Still got that '90s brown lipstick we were all obsessing about at the end of 2015/start of 2016? Use it to create a soft smoky eye look. You can't go wrong with Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Brownie ($29).

Under-Eye Smoke

model with smoky eye makeup

This may look a bit out there, but trust us. On green eyes, a purple blurred-out line of color under the lower lashes will make your eyes pop. Use an eye shadow brush to apply the lipstick from bullet to lash line and blend. If you want a more subtle take, build the color gradually and keep the line closer to the lashes.

Pink Smudge Eyeshadow

Model with pink smudge eyeshadow

Pink makes the boys wink, but it also makes for a lovely eye shadow. It's had a bad rap over the years for apparently making eyes look hungover, but we think applied softly and whimsically, and also slicked on lips, it makes for a striking and different kind of party look. We love Dior Rouge Dior in Miss ($37), which can be amped up or down.

Classic Red Lips

model with red lipstick

Party season is not complete without one red lipstick–adorned outing. If you literally have 10 seconds to dash out the door, apply a red lipstick straight from the bullet and use your fingertip to tap the color in for a stained effect. Got a bit more time? Perfect your lip, like the one pictured, by using a brush. Try Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red ($30).

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