Keep Your Lipstick on Your Lips, Not Your Wine Glass, With This Easy Trick

Is there such a thing as a lipstick that stays put all day and night? While we'll always be on the hunt for the best lipstick, we know that reapplication is inevitable. This is especially true during the holiday season when festive parties—and cocktails—are aplenty.

You can apply all the primer you want, but another side effect of wearing lipstick is that it will smear on every wine glass and champagne flute your lips touch. Fortunately, there is a super-easy—though odd—hack that can stop the smearing part. The folks at SOML figured out that by licking the area on your glass where your lips touch before sipping your drink, your lipstick will stay on your lips and not transfer onto your beverage cup. Bizarre, yes, but before you knock it, you have to see the video of the trick in action (it only takes a few seconds!). Just think: A pristine glass and flawless red lip look so much better than a smudged glass and the dreaded feathered lipstick. See what we mean? 

Check out the video of the easy trick below, and keep scrolling to shop our favorite party-ready lipstick picks.

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