The 4 Lipstick Shades Every Woman Should Own, According to a Top Makeup Artist



Finding the perfect lipstick shade is no easy task—especially to suit the subtleties of skin tone, serve a variety of occasions, and work with every possible beauty look. We're always in pursuit of the most flattering classic red, must-have nude, and ladylike pink, and yet when we head to any makeup counter, we're inundated with an endless lineup of choices with such subtlety of shade the human eye can hardly decipher the difference.

Lucky for any lipstick wearer, a top makeup artist did all the work for us and edited the laundry list of lipstick shades down to the only four you really need. We recently sat down with legendary makeup artist James Kaliardos to discuss the biggest beauty trend of 2017 and his new collaboration with MAC. While creating his collection, his decades of industry knowledge informed every curated shade. Some of the standout pieces in the set are his quartet of lipsticks—Kaliardos's edit of the four essential shades he's used most throughout his impressive career. "The four lips have fulfilled most all requests for red carpet and shoots," he says. "They are my go-to colors to create a chic or strong look."

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