Are You a Natural-Born Leader? Your Lipstick Tip Shape Will Tell You

Looks like our makeup says a lot more about us than how bold we feel that day or which color trends we’re into that season. Our lipstick doubles as a major personality tell. The tip shape, to be specific. Intrigued? Yep—we were too. 

Are you a flirt? A curious hard worker? Creative? Crawl out of bed and grab your handbag from last night. It's time to click through to Harper’s Bazaar to see what your lipstick tip shape reveals about you.  

Our MAC Chili Lipstick ($17) was worked into a sharp diagonal tip, so according to the quiz, we are loving life (specifically when at a party!) and a natural-born leader. Woohoo! We’ll take it! 

What does your lipstick say about you? Did you agree? Sound off below!