Red or Nude? What Your Go-To Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

Updated 03/17/17

Makeup is a pretty powerful tool—a good concealer can make you look wide awake regardless of the little sleep you got the night before, and a contour palette can sculpt model-like cheekbones where there otherwise aren’t any. But makeup doesn’t transform physical appearances alone. Apparently, it also has the power to transform the way people perceive you.

According to a study sponsored by Covergirl, makeup, more specifically lipstick, affects the way people view a wearer’s personality. In the survey of note, Harvard psychologists studied four different lipstick shades (red, nude, pink, and plum) and found each color had a unique perceived personality trait. The results deemed nude lipstick the winner of perceived confidence, with red lipstick wearers viewed as creative, rose-colored hues sociable, and plum pouts independent—meaning that whatever color you favor, it’s likely a win-win.

While lipstick shades may affect how others see you, the study went on to find a direct correlation between rocking a bold lip and having actual confidence. In a survey of 1000 women, Covergirl found those who wore lipstick more often (four or more days a week) tended to have higher confidence levels than bare-lipped beauties. The cosmetics brand further concluded that lipstick lovers were more likely to hold senior positions at work, adopt trends earlier, and own twice as many shoes in comparison to chapstick devotees.

Essentially, we have yet another reason to feed our lipstick addiction. Looking for a shade to evoke more confidence or seem more creative? Shop some of our favorite lipsticks below.

The Creative Shade

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The Confident Color

Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick in Nude Kate $32

The Independent Hue

Burt's Bees Lipstick in Juniper Water $8.99

The Sociable Stain

Ilia Lipstick in Pink Kashmir $26

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