This Insta Account Is Going Viral for Its Fascinating Videos of DIY Lip Color

As far as beauty is concerned, Instagram is equal parts information and inspiration. There are accounts that celebrate skin tone diversity, accounts that give us major hair envy, and those that share inside access to celebrity beauty. While we consistently have a number of buzzy accounts on our radar, the newest one to grab our attention is truly unique. People either love it or hate it.


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Let us introduce Emily Dougherty. She's the beauty and fitness director at Elle, who takes to Instagram to document her DIY lip colors. She films herself creating amazing lip shades—they range from golden red to velvety mauve and electric pink. How does she do this, you ask? Simple. By cutting up and mixing together multiple luxury-brand lipsticks. Keep scrolling to see her Instagram videos! But be warned—while some might get inspired to try a DIY lip color for themselves, others will cringe at the sight of a mangled lipstick.

Will you try making your own lipstick shades? Let us know in the comments below!

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