Stop Making These Common Lipstick Mistakes



Lipstick is classic. In fact, we believe it’s the most classic. In our humble opinion, it beats out all other makeup products for the top spot, including mascara and blush. There’s just something so timeless about that little bullet of lip color that other products lack. No matter how much we appreciate a dewy highlight or subtle contour, it’s just not the same as swiping on a crimson color while gazing into a compact mirror like the cool girl in a ’50s movie.

But life’s not a movie. No matter how chic it can look, wearing a bold lip is hard work. Seriously. If your experiences are anything like ours, your once edgy or elegant lipstick has worn out, bled, or just looked ehh within a half-hour’s time. What’s the secret to the long-lasting, enviable pout we all desire? Thankfully, five professional makeup artists shared their expert tips to achieving the long-lasting, bold lip worthy of the silver screen. Keep scrolling to read which mistakes are most common—and how to fix them!

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