This Genius Instagram Account Shows the Same Lipsticks on Different Skin Tones


Beauty Lookbook

Will this lipstick look good on me? This is a question I utter to any poor soul who gets stuck perusing the drugstore makeup aisle with me. You see the color on the model, on the case, and in the tube, but it looks slightly different every time you look at it, so you still can’t be sure. Let’s say you buy it anyway. You try it on when you get home, and maybe the texture and the finish are right, but the yellow undertone clashes with the pink in your skin (hello, my problem since forever).

Thankfully, one clever new Instagram account understands our struggle and is aiming to solve it. The account is run by Piaget Ventus and Michelle Meredith, two self-professed beauty amateurs who have taken it upon themselves to give us a much-needed lip color reference guide.

The duo’s shared account is called @WillItLookGoodonMeTho and showcases how different shades complement Piaget’s deep complexion and Michelle’s fair one.

Their efforts are especially impactful considering the beauty industry’s typical lack of diversity in advertising. With the majority of models being of medium color, there’s definitely room for some extra variation in skin tone. Thanks to these two, we now have one more trusted resource.

Scroll through to see some of their best ’grams!

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