I Tried the Lip Gloss Blush Hack Going Viral on TikTok—Here’s How It Went

Selfie of Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock

Olivia Hancock

Thanks to TikTok, fun and unexpected beauty trends and hacks are constantly surfacing. One week, TikTokers are mixing mascara and lip gloss to create a vampy black lip. The next? They're using a self-tanner to contour or a bobby pin to apply eyeliner. As of late, creators have been finding new ways to play around with blush. We've seen trends emerge like sunburn blush, frostbitten blush, and now glossy blush is having a moment. The look entails using lip gloss to achieve a dewy, colorful cheek look. Ahead, learn more about the latest beauty hack to hit TikTok, plus my honest review. 

The Hack

The glossy look is in—from nails to makeup. So, it's no surprise this technique has garnered buzz on the app. Essentially, the hack involves applying a generous swipe of lip gloss to your cheeks and blending it with a blush brush. The result leaves you with a luminous, dewy wash of color. Most creators have been using Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb in Fuschia Flex. However, since the shade is a limited edition, other TikTokers have used other glosses like Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream and Maybelline's Lifter Gloss.

The Hype 

Creators have been testing this technique on TikTok for months now. However, users like @lexusmperezz have recently gone viral showcasing the look (her video has garnered over three million views). Since posting her tutorial in December, countless other creators have tested the trend, and the hashtag #lipglosscheeks has amassed over 167K views. 

Users like @slaybyjess have praised the trend for being a creative blush trick. On the other hand, some have criticized the hack for being sticky and potentially pore-clogging (double cleansing can help avoid this). With this in mind, some TikTokers created modified versions of the trend, using lighter products like the Milk Makeup Lip and Cheek Cream Blush Stick and layering Hydrating Oil Stick on top.

My Review

Selfie of Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock

Olivia Hancock

I used the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream in Fruit Snackz (a berry red). Despite being an intensely pigmented lip gloss, it was easy to blend (with just my fingers) and sheered out to create an even wash of color on my cheeks. As expected, it made my skin look incredibly dewy and radiant. Now, onto the texture. I only used a few dots of gloss, so my skin didn't feel sticky or heavy at all. My only qualm: The pigment intensity wore off within a few hours, but I honestly wasn't surprised, considering this product is meant for your lips. Will I make this hack part of my go-to routine? Probably not. But I always love to experiment with makeup tricks; this one is easy-to-do and produces beautiful results. 

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