If You're Not a Fan of Lip Gloss, These 7 Lip Oils Will Be Your New Favorites

Impeccably glossy lips are nice and all, but achieving the look sans sticky strands, inevitable dryness, and constant re-application, is no small feat. In fact, we'd argue it's borderline impossible. Truth be told, most of the time we simply throw in the towel, wiping away a freshly applied gloss job before we've given the look the fair shot it probably deserves. But please don't misunderstand—that doesn't mean we don't fondly admire the way lip gloss looks—we just have zero patience for hair in our mouth and thrice hourly touch-ups. A solution: the ingenious gloss-stain-balm hybrids known as lip oils.

Boasting the iconic shine of a gloss, hydration of a balm, and long-wearing endurance of a stain, lip oils have stolen our hearts as of late, and if our recent obsession is any indicator, we think they'll be your pout's newest addiction, as well. Keep reading for the seven lip oils our editors can't stop swiping.