TikTok Has the Best Lip Liner Hack for Crisp Edges That Won't Budge

Bleeding lipstick? Don’t know her.

Ella Balinska wearing dark red lipstick

@makeupvincent / Instagram

Lipstick all over your face? No way. He’s not exactly a beauty icon, but no one wants to look like The Joker. Even though smeared lipstick doesn’t usually get that extreme, looking in the mirror and noticing your lip color has bled or smudged is never fun. Luckily, there’s a hack taking over TikTok that can prevent lipstick issues from happening in the first place.

This lipliner hack uses translucent setting powder followed by lipliner to set lip color. “The beauty of makeup hacks is that they help provide quick and easy pro tips that help maximize your makeup look,” says Talia Cich, Executive Director, Global Education and Pro Artist at Anastasia Beverly Hills. “This specific lip hack is super popular because it helps to ensure your lip color is long-lasting. The setting powder helps to absorb any excess shine and creates a smooth, dry canvas for lip products to adhere to. This gives you maximum color payoff, longer wearability, and helps to prevent any movement or slipping of your lip products.”

Why It’s Trending

For starters, everyone loves a good makeup hack. “The overall trend of minimalism and doing less while still achieving maximum impact when it comes to makeup is a factor of this trend’s popularity,” Cich says. “People are wanting the longest possible wear out of their lip products and makeup in general. By applying this technique, they avoid touching up and feel confident their products stay looking good, even after hours of wear.”

How To Do the TikTok Lipliner Hack

Finding a universal beauty trick is always a major plus. “This trend is suitable for all skill sets and makeup looks,” Cich says. “One pro tip would be to ensure your lips are hydrated prior if you have any dryness or flakiness.” 

Starting with clean, hydrated lips, apply a setting powder—Cich recommends the Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Setting Powder ($38)—to the edges of the lips with a small fluffy brush. Swipe away any excess product. “I recommend using the shade Translucent to keep your lip shade true to color,” Cich says. “This hack works for any lip color, from nude to bold.” Next, apply lipliner ($18) in your desired shade to the edges of the lips for fuller-looking definition. Shade in the edges of the lips using the side of the pencil. Set the liner with setting powder using a fluffy brush and swipe away any excess. Then, finish by applying Matte or Satin Lipstick ($23) in the shade of your choice to the center of the lips.  

If you use matte lipstick, Cich suggests setting the lip product one more time with setting powder for extra mattifying hold and wear. But, if you are using a satin formula or something with shine, do not set the lipstick—you want to maintain the reflective finish.

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