We Tried Mario Dedivanovic’s Signature "Lip Lift" Makeup Hack

Here’s how it works.

Makeup by Mario

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From jet black to matching reds, you can't deny the power of a good lip liner. Known for its lip-shaping and defining magic, liners can make lips appear plumper, fuller, and just a little more there. And no one knows this better than Mario Dedivanovic. The go-to makeup artist for celebs like Kim Kardashian and J.Lo is also the face and name behind his cosmetics line, Makeup by Mario, which debuted in October of 2020. In short, the beauty mogul has undoubtedly picked up plenty of tips, tricks, and tips from his years in the industry. The latest to catch our interest? Dedivanovic's now-viral "lip lift" technique, which has the full attention of the beauty community on TikTok.

Below, see exactly what Mario's Lip Lift looks like, the steps it takes to achieve it, and our honest review. 

The Trend

After his signature technique went viral, Dedivanovic posted this step-by-step tutorial of how to achieve his coveted “lip lift” which involves the Makeup by Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencil ($22) and Ultra Suede Lipstick ($24). "My Lip Lift technique gives shape to the lips and creates the illusion that they're fuller and more lifted," explains Dedivanovic.

After seeing the amazing results, Dedivanovic’s 139K TikTok followers decided to give the trick a try. Influencer, Kirsty Belle posted this video sharing her thoughts on the viral hack to which she says, “I think it’s cute!” And we totally agree. 

Content creator Anab Diriye also gave the hack a spin and ended the video commenting, “honestly, I think it works because my lips don’t look all dragged down," before encouraging viewers to try it.

The Step-By-Step

Looking to try it out yourself? We've got you covered. See the steps for a fuller pout, directly from Dedivanovic himself, below.

  1. Start by choosing your favorite shade of Makeup by Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencil ($22).
  2. Slightly overline the Cupid’s bow before drawing the line down toward the inner corners of your natural lip line. "By slightly overlining the Cupid’s bow area of the upper lip, the shape of the lip looks enhanced and the space between the nose and lip is shortened," explains Dedivanovic.
  3. Next, slightly overline the center of the bottom lip line, then extend the liner upwards, moving the liner inside the lip line. According to Dedivanovic, this creates the illusion of a lifted lip. "When slightly overlining the center of the lower lip line and then drawing the liner upwards towards the outer corners of the mouth, lips get a lifted look."
  4. Softly diffuse the liner from the corners inward with the custom brush that is conveniently attached to Mario’s Ultra Suede Pencil.
  5. Optional: To achieve a crisp clean line, touch up the edges by applying your foundation or concealer with the brush of the lip pencil. Set the concealer with translucent powder for extended wear.
  6. Lastly, complete the look with the Makeup by Mario Ultra Suede Lipstick ($24) in your preferred color.

The Review 

Emerald Elitou, News Writer

Emerald Elitou

Courtesy of AE Photos

When finishing up my everyday makeup routine, I use my natural lip line as a guide to enhancing my lips with liner. However, when I saw the trending video of Mario’s Lip Lift, I loved the idea of getting a fuller and plumper appearance. 

Before I tested out this technique, I watched multiple videos to see if anyone had any tips to achieving the best results. Once I finally built up the courage to pull out my Makeup by Mario lip pencil and lipstick, it took me at least a dozen times before I actually got it right. 

I highly suggest moisturizing your lips prior to trying this out. I know it seems like a no-brainer, but on my first trial, I got overly excited and went straight for it with my lip pencil and the color didn't diffuse as I wanted. Let’s just say it wasn’t flattering. 

My lips are naturally full, so in my honest opinion, I initially felt that it made my pucker look a little strange in person. However, through trial and error, I realized that instead of overlining I actually needed to underline my lips, which, is just my personal preference. 

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