First Came Lip Injections, Now This



You know the lip enhancement space is primed for something new when Kylie Jenner starts renouncing her injection ways. In fact, lip size is only part of the equation. Shape and placement also factor in. Enter the lip-lift, is a quick procedure (it takes 30 minutes to an hour) that shortens the area between the nose and the lips, thus lifting the lips and creating a more youthful appearance.

As we age, our lips thin and start to droop, which can create the look of a perpetual frown. Plastic surgeon and 111Skin founder Dr. Yannis Alexandrides says the lip-lift can restore some of that volume and enhance the feminine shape of your upper lip. “The upper lip–lift is a procedure that elevates the position of the upper lip with respect to the teeth giving a broader smile,” Dr. Alexandrides says. “The length of the skin between your Cupid’s bow and under your nose is shortened. The overall effect of the lip-lift is a more aesthetically pleasing mouth with a youthful appearance.” Lifting the lips also creates fullness. “In addition, the amount of pink lip that is seen is also increased giving the patient wider lips.”

The procedure is done under local anesthetic in under an hour. No hospital stay is required, but you will be a little swollen and bruised for about a week or two after the procedure. “A small incision is made along the natural crease and shadow below your nose where a small amount of tissue is removed,” Dr. Alexandrides says. “The skin is then lifted and stitched into place using fine sutures, which are used to support the skin’s healing and to keep the scarring to a minimum.” The stitches will be removed seven to 10 days after, and over time, the small scar on the junction between the upper lip and the base of the nose will become virtually undetectable.

How does the lift compare to injections? “A candidate may be more suited for a lip-lift, as opposed to fillers, especially if they have an elongated philtrum [the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip] with small, thin lips,” Dr. Alexandrides says. “Lip injections add volume to the lips, so those with a long philtrum and small lips can run the risk of a more block-shaped appearance to the upper lip which protrudes over the bottom lip. However, lip fillers can be added with the lip-lift or afterward, if fuller lips are desired.” Youthful lips don’t come cheap, however. Expect to pay around $4100 for the procedure.

If you’re interested but that’s a wee bit out of your budget, invest in some lip-plumping, anti-aging treatments instead. Scroll through to shop the best lip-enhancing and restoring products!

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