Lip Labret Piercing FAQ

Updated 05/15/19

Often adorned with natural and earthly materials such as bone or gold, lip piercings have been performed for centuries around the world, and rank third in body piercing popularity. There are many places for a lip piercing. From the Madonna piercing to the upper lip, get answers to some of the most commons questions before opting for an oral piercing.

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How Long Does It Take to Heal a Lip Piercing?

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So long as the lip piercing is performed correctly and proper aftercare is followed and no infection or other hindrance in the healing process occurs, most lip piercings require a minimum of six to eight weeks to heal. Certain piercings such as the Madonna can take three months or longer. Based on your body, the piercing, and anatomy, individual results will vary.

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What Kind of Jewelry Can I Wear?

For starters, you can wear either a ring, labret stud or a fishtail labret in a 12-16 gauge for your new piercing. Because a new piercing will swell, ring jewelry should be one whole diameter larger than the desired healed size to allow for the swelling and avoid infection.

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Are Lip Piercings Attractive?

Depending on who you ask, a lip piercing can be very attractive. If it goes well with your individual style, and so long as you take care of it and ensure the jewelry is clean and in good condition, along with practicing proper oral hygiene and cleaning the area as required, you may find a lip piercing adds a bit of sparkle to your smile. No matter what, the wearer should be most happy with its presence. Never modify or tattoo your body to appease anyone but yourself, and always bear in mind that any sort of facial modification can affect employment.

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Does It Feel Comfortable to Kiss?

Whether or not you and your partner both feel comfortable during your kiss is subjective. Some people find pleasure in the piercing and are lured by the erotica of body modification. Others can't get past the sensation of metal and do not find kisses to be a turn-on. You'll have to experience it case by case and know that you can always remove the jewelry if need be. If you feel discomfort, if it gets in the way or if your partner raises their concerns, it may be time to reconsider the lip piercing in favor of shared and enjoyed intimacy.

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How Quickly Will My Piercing Close?

Once you abandon your body jewelry, all piercings begin to heal and close. Larger piercings will require more time and if you are dealing with a stretched lip piercing, you may even require surgery to close the remaining stretched void. So long as the original lip piercing was not stretched, a small pore-size hole is all that will remain. Depending on your anatomy and the placement of the piercing, this small hole may be unnoticeable. Your piercing will begin to close slowly but nevertheless, right after you begin the process. Time for complete closure varies. If you intend to keep your body piercings, never remove your jewelry for prolonged periods of time.

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How Painful Is a Lip Piercing?

Lip piercing is going to hurt, but nothing that most people can't handle. Like most all body piercings, the procedure itself will be quick. The biggest concern will be the after-care and of course with the sensitive nature of the piercing placement, you'll need to be extra careful not to snag, bite, or otherwise accidentally bump or move your jewelry in your new piercing. This type of friction can prolong healing and add to the initial discomfort of it.

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