Lip Gloss Is Back and This One Plumps to the Heavens

Can you feel the nostalgia?

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Hallie Before and after

After years of matte lips, the trend cycle has brought my beloved juicy, glassy lip gloss back into focus. I’m calling it: This is the year of the gloss. Glossy lips have graced the silver screen in popular shows like Euphoria, the new Gossip Girl, and Pam and Tommy, only making the look even more exciting to experiment with, no matter where your natural pout starts. Lip glosses can moisturize, soften, and even plump your lips instantly—more on that later—with just a few swipes. 

As part of my return to nostalgia, I’ve been experimenting with lip plumpers the same way I did back in middle school. But the product, and the formula, is far more advanced than the one I slicked on during Chemistry class. Below, read all about the lip gloss I’ve been using daily as of late, Too Faced’s Lip Injection Maximum Plump, and how it plumps my lips to the heavens. 

Lip Gloss Hero Image

About My Lips:

My lips are dryness-prone and not particularly full-looking. I like to keep them super moisturized but often crave high shine, softness, and some plumping.

The Feel:

The gloss doesn’t feel sticky at all, in fact it feels more like a silky balm upon application. It’s thick, cushion-y, and comfortable with a super glossy payoff. After a few seconds, you’ll start to feel the tingle—and I’ll be honest—it’s not for the faint of heart. But, it sure does work.

The Ingredients:

Packed with avocado and jojoba seed oils, Too Faced’s Lip Injection Maximum Plump is actually hydrating. It feels really silky on the lips (albeit tingly), but doesn’t leave them feeling dry or chapped the way one might imagine. It feels like a luxury product with a bit of plumping bite.

How to Apply: 

It’s incredibly easy to apply, as the doe-foot applicator makes the whole process pretty straightforward. My tip? Start in the middle of your lips and slowly move outward, making sure not to apply outside your lip line. This is one of those products you do not have to be an expert to apply—and the results are pretty spectacular every time.

The Results: 

It works, full stop. If you can handle the tingling of the formula, you’re in for super hydrating, glossy, fuller-looking lips every time you apply. 

Where I Wear It: 

Everywhere. My latest go-to makeup look is a glossy lip, fluffy brow, and volumizing mascara. This product gives me some extra oomph where I don’t have much else on. 

How Long It Lasts:

The brand created this product to plump immediately and this product definitely delivers on that claim. My lips felt soft and plumped throughout the night and looked incredibly glassy through dinner and drinks. It even plays well with your other favorite lip products, just pop it on top for added staying power and plumped up shine. 

Hallie Lip Injection Max Plump

The Value:

At $32, this gloss is right in line with its competitors in terms of price. The value, however, is off the charts. It swiftly creates a fuller lip look in seconds—and it lasts for hours.

The Bottom Line:

I love this lip gloss. It feels fun to apply, nostalgic, and beautiful all at once. It’s a hydrating, softening, plumping dream and I’ll use it again whenever I want my lips to have a bit more oomph (which is often). Get on the gloss train, it’s all happening!

Lip Injection Maximum Plump
Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper $32.00