Splurge vs. Save: The Classic Rosebud Salve Takes on ByTerry's Baume de Rose

Chances are Rosebud Salve ($6) was your first grown-up lip balm. At some point, you and your friends traded in your Lipsmackers for the iconic red, white, and blue tin. It holds a pink salve that lends shine to lips and hydration to anywhere you need it. Its secret blend of essential oils and botanicals calms irritated, chapped, or burned skin, all while smelling like a bouquet of freshly cut roses.

But then someone splurged on ByTerry’s beloved Baume de Rose ($60), a similar smelling balm in a glass jar—that costs ten times as much. The miraculously non-sticky gloss has protective UV filters that make it SPF 15, plus essential rose wax, nourishing floral oils, anti-aging ingredients including vitamin E, and a ringing endorsement from the Olsens. But is it worth it?

Both balms keep your lips shiny and hydrated. The former wins for its practicality—a lip balm-meets-cuticle moisturizer makes winter easier—while the latter has the upper hand for its polished finish and rich texture. Our verdict? Buy the Rosebud, but ask someone to drop a jar of Baume de Rose in your stocking!