Linen Nails Are the Minimalist Mani Trend Taking Over for Summer

Ivory matte linen nails with white baby French tips


Calling all fans of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, which took over last summer with minimalist and preppy pieces that feel straight out of a Nancy Meyers film: Linen nails are here to bring that air of refreshing chic to your manicure. This nail trend is pretty simple—to get the look, opt for any shade of neutral/nude with a matte finish—but the result is stunning and easily coordinates with your entire wardrobe. As clean-feeling as fresh sheets or your favorite button-down, this trend is perfect for everyone who loves the minimalist "lip gloss nails" trend but wants to switch it up for something with a little less shine. Ahead, see 12 linen nails ideas sure to give your mani a breath of fresh air all summer long.

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Negative Space

Light nude manicure with negative space cuticle half-moon design


This just might be the manicure equivalent of a breezy summer crop top. Give linen nails an extra boost of visual interest by creating a negative space half-moon design at the cuticle, which has the added bonus of a seamless grow-out.

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Linen Latte

Pale neutral linen nails with matte finish


Given linen nails' minimalist appeal, one of the most popular ways to wear them is as a simple, solid wash of color. Choose a creamy neutral shade for put-together latte vibes that will energize you all day long.

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Ombré Linen Nails

Ombre matte linen nails from medium to light nude shades


Can't decide what shade of nude you want? Consider a subtle ombré effect, which becomes even more intriguing with a matte finish.

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Linen French

French manicure with a different neutral shade on each tip


Another way to include multiple shades of nude for your linen nails, this French mani features a different matte color on each tip. We love how this design switches up a classic look while still having a minimalist feel.

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Stiletto Linen Nails

While a matte neutral manicure may skew understated, there are still ways to bring the drama. We love how this golden nude shade looks on an elongated stiletto shape.

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Linen on Linen

Ivory matte linen nails with white baby French tips


These creamy linen nails may look simple at first glance, but a white baby French tip adds subtle dimension. Pairing it with oversized gold rings is a way to create vanilla chrome vibes while keeping your mani matte.

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Linen Gradient

Gradient neutral matte manicure from black to white with nude shades


Match all your favorite neutral linen pieces at once with a gradient manicure from black to white, with various shades of nude in between. If you look closely, there's even a subtle French effect here, created by opting for a matte base and a glossy tip.

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Coquette Linen

Pale nude elongated nails with hearts and pearls on accent nails


Strike a balance between minimalism and maximalism by opting for a peachy linen manicure with coquette accents. The hearts and pearls create a whimsical, romantic vibe, but kept to just two nails, they're understated enough for everyday wear.

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Fresh and Balanced

Neutral matte linen nails with glossy yin/yang accent designs


The idea of fresh, clean linen (and all things inspired by it) brings us peace. Lean into that energy by adding a subtle, glossy yin/yang design to a few accent nails.

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Bedazzled Linen

Linen-colored manicure with rows of rhinestone accents


Another way to add a bit of bling to your linen nails, gluing on a simple row of rhinestones will bring the sparkly vibes while still feeling subtle and sophisticated. It also helps elongate the look of the nail—we can see these also looking stunning on a shorter manicure.

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Linen Floral

Nude matte manicure with rose designs


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet—and look just as elegant on this linen manicure. These hand-painted blooms are pretty intricate, so you'll either want to have a pro recreate them or find a set of nail stickers you like, such as these ($4) from Amazon.

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Simple Swirls

Sheer peachy neutral manicure with white swirl designs


If you can't decide whether you want your linen nails to lean more nude or more white, go for both with an abstract swirl design. The matte finish and neutral palette makes what's often a bolder statement feel more toned-down and versatile than ever.

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