9 Things I Learned While Working in Beauty, by Lindsay Ellingson

Modeling isn’t a career I ever imagined for myself, but with a little bit of luck and fate, it fell into my lap. Before this fashion whirlwind all started, I was a biology student at the University of California in San Diego. My days included hours of studying on the beach, intense dance practices, and hanging with my nine roommates. All of that changed the summer before my second year. Long story short, I did a test shoot, those images were sent to an agency in France, and within a month I was on a plane to Paris for fashion week. No more textbooks, exams, or dance team. My life completely changed the day I landed in the city of lights. I may not have a biology degree, but I do have an education unlike any other. All of my experiences while traveling the globe and working with such talented artists have shaped me into a more worldly woman and a bonafide beauty enthusiast. Scroll through for nine of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from over a decade working in the beauty industry.