GIF Fit: My At-Home Barre Workout, by Lindsay Ellingson

Hey, Byrdie beauties! Ready for another total-body workout? Last week I showed you my five-minute yoga routine. This week I give you what I call the three B's: balance, biceps and barre! I’ve been dancing since the age of 3; I started with the hokey pokey and worked my way up to national competitions on my college dance team. It was a blast! Now I rely on the barstool in my kitchen to act as my ballet barre plus yoga and toning exercises to keep me in that dancer-body shape. With modeling around the world and my role as co-founder of Wander Beauty, I, like so many women, am busier than ever! So, I've found creative ways to fit fitness into my day, wherever I may be. These are the three exercises that keep me toned on the go. Just grab a chair and a couple of weights, and get ready to fire up your core!