My Favorite Beauty DIYs, by Lindsay Ellingson

Updated 06/26/19

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m such a beauty lover! The past 10 years of modeling have been like beauty school for me. I’ve learned so many tips and tricks from the most talented makeup artists all over the world. I’ve also tried and tested everything and know what works. This month, I wanted to experiment with a few DIY beauty recipes that have been recommended to me over the years and share them with you. I was surprised to find that many of the ingredients were already in my kitchen, so it can be much more cost effective and fun to pamper yourself right at home. 

Scroll through to see my favorite DIY beauty creations!

Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee body scrubs have been all the rage in beauty recently thanks to companies like Frank Body (which I love—their scrubs are so luxurious). Caffeine is cellulite’s biggest enemy. With regular use, it’s shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as provide antioxidant protection. My DIY version is very basic but effective! Not only was this so easy to make, but also, I knew right away it was working. My hands have never felt so smooth. I recommend scrubbing your whole body in the morning; it feels so energizing! I did smell a little like coffee, but that went away after washing with my favorite Rosewater Body Wash ($10) by Jason.


Just measure out the below ingredients and mix well—use your hands for a nice exfoliation there, too! 

1 cup coffee grounds

1/4 cup sea salt (This makes the scrub more intense, which I love, but add less as if you prefer a gentler scrub or use sugar.)

6 tbsp. organic virgin unrefined coconut oil 

Honey Mango Face Mask

This DIY face mask was recommended to me by my facialist Ildi Pekar. There are so many benefits to using raw honey on your skin. It’s full of antioxidants. It brightens, helps to promote cellular renewal, hydrates, and is also a natural antibacterial. So it’s a great addition to face wash (I love the raw honey–based Facial Cleanser, $65, from Ildi’s I Pekar line). The last time I was in for a facial, Ildi recommended adding mango to my raw honey mask. Mango contains vitamin C, which helps to boost collagen production, as well as fruit acids, which soften dead skin cells for a brightening effect. You can even just eat your mango, rub the soft yellow inside of the skin all over your face, wait 15 minutes, and rinse. Don’t forget your daily SPF, especially after exfoliating.

To try this mask, mash a few squares of mango into 1 tablespoon of raw honey. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse.

Rose-Water Spray

I use rose water countless times a day. I go through it faster than any beauty product I own, so I thought this would be a great DIY beauty recipe to try. Full disclosure: It was more difficult and time consuming than my usual DIYs, but I still enjoyed the experiment. (In case you’re wondering, I buy my favorite rose water at Whole Foods; it’s called Rose Petals Rosewater, $10, by Heritage Store.) Here are a few reasons I’m obsessed: It freshens my makeup, tones after cleansing, has a calming scent, soothes and cools any irritations, and just overall makes me happy—almost as good as when my husband surprises me with flowers! 


I found there are two ways to make rose water; one is purer, but they both start the same way. First, you start with fresh roses. I bought a dozen local roses and used half for the water and the rest for decoration. Take off the stem and center part of the rose so that you’re left with just the petals. Clean the petals and place them in a large pot with just enough distilled water to cover them. Now here’s where you can choose to make a purer form of rose water, which is what I tried. However, in my experience, it didn’t make as much water as I expected. 

Place a heat-safe bowl in the center of the pot, cover the pot with a lid, and let simmer until the petals lose their color. The condensation on the lid is the pure rose water, and that will drip into your heat-safe bowl.

The other option doesn’t include the heat-safe bowl. You would just simmer the water in the covered pot until the petals lose their color. Let that water cool, strain out the rose petals, and funnel the water into a spray bottle. 

Sugar Lime Lip Scrub

Here’s one of my all-time favorite DIY recipes. This lip scrub will bring back your soft, supple lips and prep them for any lipstick application. The sugar and lime act as the exfoliators, while the coconut oil and honey deeply hydrate and cleanse your lips. You can also keep it very simple and just mix sugar and oil. Coconut oil is a staple in my kitchen and beauty routine; not only do I use it to cook and even add to my coffee, but it’s great for getting really stubborn waterproof makeup off my eyes. 

Mix the below ingredients and gently scrub your lips. Wipe it off, and follow with your favorite lip balm. Do kiss and tell with this recipe!

1 tsp. raw sugar

1 tsp. organic virgin unrefined coconut oil

1/2 tsp. raw honey

A squeeze of lime

Lavender Linen Spray

I travel so much for work that I often don’t know which time zone I’m in. I carry essential oils around with me on the plane and in my purse whenever I need a moment to just chill out and breath. One of my personal favorites is this Rose Oil ($35), worn and inspired by Amma the hugging saint, called Amma’s Rose.

I’ve admittedly never made my own linen spray but decided this would be the perfect time to try it out! Again, this is so easy to make at home; all I needed to buy was a small jar of Pure Lavender Essential Oil ($10) by Aura Cacia, and the rest of the ingredients I had. I sprayed this relaxing scent all over my bed and have to say I fell asleep much faster. Let me know if it works for you! 


Mix the witch hazel, lavender oil, and distilled water in a measuring cup. Funnel into glass spray bottles, then shake and spray away! I like to leave a couple of bottles around my apartment; it works great as a relaxing room freshener, too. 

4-oz. spray bottle

Distilled water

2 tbsp. witch hazel

15 to 20 drops of 100% pure lavender essential oil

Do any of these beauty DIYs fall on your favorites list too? Tell me your go-to recipes in the comments!

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