This Controversial '90s Beauty Trend Might Be Making a Comeback

The inventor of the scrunchie, a former singer-songwriter named Rommy Revson, obtained the first design patent for her flamboyant ponytail holder in 1987. Over the following decade, the scrunchie became one of the most popular hair accessories in history, dawned by beauty icons of all ages, from 8-year-old Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen to Paula Abdul and Naomi Campbell.

But by the early 2000s, the scrunchie had lost much of its caché. It was in season six of Sex and the City that Carrie Bradshaw assured her boyfriend Jack Berger that no style-savvy New Yorker would be caught dead wearing one. Of course, trends move through cycles, and over the past five years, we've seen a robust resurgence in '90s beauty. Brown lipstick and pink hair are now considered chicer than ever.

However, the scrunchie has yet to make its way back on the trend loop. A few celebrities and runway designers tried to bring it back around 2013, but it didn't stick. Perhaps we weren't ready for the scrunchie's revival? Perhaps our tendencies toward unstyled, effortless hair can't include the elaborate, often neon-colored doodad?

This was our thinking until just yesterday when news broke that ultimate cool girl Lily-Rose Depp was spotted at LAX wearing an ensemble that beamed a sudden spotlight on how to make the scrunchie work in 2016.

Keep scrolling to see how Lily-Rose Depp is single-handedly resurrecting the scrunchie!

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