Lily-Rose Depp’s Makeup Artist Breaks Down Her TikTok-Famous Smoky Eye and Nude Lip

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Lily-Rose Depp makeup


Lily-Rose Depp has been a fixture on my personal mood board for years—we're talking since the mini-bob, renaissance-themed "sour sixteen" birthday party era. She captures the effortless chic of classic "French girl" style, remixed with her own edgy spin and vintage vibes—plus the inherent coolness that only the spawn of beautiful famous people seem to possess.

Over the past few years, everyone else has caught on, and she's become one of Gen Z's favorite style icons. Her appeal has only heightened with TikTok—she's a frequent fixture of "coquette" style mood boards. In the lead-up to her new HBO show The Idol, her signature makeup—glowy skin, nude lips, and some version of a smudgy liner—has taken the app by storm, with one tutorial gaining 3.2 million views, and users obsessively tracking down her lipstick shade based on screenshots.

While Depp's enviable Chanel collection, coveted vintage Burberry skirts, and super-model genetics may be out of reach—though two out of the three can be purchased on The Real Real if you look hard enough—her signature liner and pouty lips are fairly easy to get for yourself. I went straight to one of Lily-Rose's go-to makeup artists, Kate Lee, and got the dirt on how to get the look at home.

Read on for how to do Lily-Rose Depp makeup, from bright blush to smokey liner.

The look

"Lily-Rose’s signature look is defined and classical," says Lee of the model's typical makeup. "Her large, doe-like eyes make a khôl liner a natural go-to. Extending the eyeliner is flattering to almost all eye shapes, and the combo of blush and bronzer is just right."

"Lily-Rose is absolutely stunning, in a very natural way," she continues. "I think the combo of her natural beauty, paired with this very obvious nod to the '90s, is very of the moment," says Lee, adding that Depp's makeup is universally flattering, despite her unique features. "I think that Lily-Rose’s look can be tailored to everyone. The colors might need to change according to complexion, but the basic structure of the look would look great on anyone."

Lily-Rose Depp doing her eyeliner

Lily-Rose Depp

Despite the fact that she's often seen in a heavy liner and noticeable pops of blush, Depp always manages to look fresh and effortless—it's this duality that makes her so compelling. "Being a model means that Lily-Rose understands the fine line between looking naturally defined and made up," says Lee of this contrast. "She gauges very well when to pull out a more editorial look. She has great skin, so the focus is mainly on adding color and definition."

How to do Lily-Rose Depp's Eyeliner

While Lily-Rose often skips heavier makeup on her days off, she's rarely spotted on a red carpet without her signature smokey winged liner. The shape perfectly accentuates her puppy-like eyes, and adds some classic glamour with the wing, while a smokier lower lash line adds some of her trademark edge.

To start, Lee says to use a dark brown khôl pencil in the waterline, and draw it out unto an extended wing. Then, "on the base of the lashes, use a black gel-creme liner such as the Chanel Calligraphie De Chanel ($35) to sharpen out the eyeliner. In the socket, you could use a brown, jumbo khôl pencil such as the Stylo Ombre et Contour in 04 Electric Brown ($34) to create a soft, smudgy socket." Finish the look with a soft highlight on your browbone (Lee likes to use a lighter shade of concealer) and some clear gel on your brows.

Product Picks

How to do Lily-Rose Depp's blush

Sad news: "Lily-Rose is gifted with the perfect cheekbones, so shading or contouring is not needed," says Lee. However, she likes to use the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream ($50) to add a little depth and glow along Depp's hairline and cheekbones. For her signature flush, Lee uses a pink or peach shade "depending on where she is going and how she wants to look. My current favorite cheek color is the Joues Contraste in 608 Ombre ($45), a tan with a beige tint." As far as placement goes, Lee likes to keep the color on the apples "just to pop the dimensions of the cheeks."

Lily-Rose Depp makeup blush


"We also like to add in highlights—I particularly like the Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid ($48) on the cheekbones, jawline and décolletage."

How to do Lily-Rose Depp's lipstick

Lily-Rose Depp getting her makeup done

Lily-Rose Depp

Even when she's getting her makeup done, Lily-Rose famously likes to apply her own lipstick and lip liner. However, she almost always uses the same formula: "nude lips, with a slightly darker lip liner [that], add [to] the bee-stung shape of her lips," says Lee. "A good color to emulate the look would be the Chanel Le Crayon Lèvres Longwear Lip Pencil in 156 Beige Naturel ($32), and the color we used last time was Rouge Coco in 402 Adrienne ($42). I think she would also like the Rouge Allure L’Extrait in 812 ($55), as it’s a peachy nude."


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