Lily Collins Is Making "Soft Jellyfish" Bangs a Thing

We're into it.

Lily Collins


Make no mistake: Lily Collins is practically a pro at wearing bangs. While on set for Emily in Paris, she’s worn Birkin bangs, and in real life, she’s been known to wear a micro Hepburn side bang. Now, she's adding a soft "jellyfish bang" to her repertoire.

On February 14, Collins’s hairstylist, Gregory Russell shared a photo of the actor wearing a no-makeup-makeup look with rosy lips and fluttery lashes done by makeup artist, Fiona Stiles. Collins wore a springtime-ready top that features a high neckline, puffed shoulders, and a retro floral print with orange, blue, and green flowers all throughout.

Lily Collins soft jellyfish bangs


The outfit and makeup seem fitting for Collins’s French girl-inspired style, but her hair adds a bit of edge to her girly get-up. Her light brown hair seems to have little-to-no layers, but rather blunt ends that reach down to just above her chest. In the photo, she wears Birkin bangs that graze over her iconic brows—but instead of blending into soft layers or contrasting with her long hair, her bangs are flanked by two cheekbone-length layers, creating a "soft jellyfish" effect.

"The jellyfish haircut is an avant-garde, high-fashion look that is meant to grab your attention," Sarah Cunningham, owner and stylist at Uplift Haus Hair Studio, previously told Byrdie. Jellyfish hair (an evolution of traditional Japanese hime or "princess" haircuts) marries the bob and longer hairstyles into one, usually creating a sleek and ultra-modern style that's been popping up on e-girls and a few brave celebs.

We've seen the jellyfish cut make rounds on the runway and in editorial shoots (hello, Nicole Kidman for Perfect Magazine), but Collins makes the hairstyle more approachable. By adding some soft waves and creating wispy Birkin bangs, Russell was able to soften the dramatic hairstyle, which is usually worn super sleek, proving that you can make a jellyfish cut work day-to-day.

Collins's cut adds the perfect touch of edge to any springtime look—but if you're still on the fence about getting a jellyfish cut, you can always fake it. Cunningham says, “This look can be achieved with a classic bob and some added-in extensions for a semi-permanent eye-grabbing effect.”

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