Lily Collins Won the Golden Globes Red Carpet—Here's How to Get Her Beauty Look


David Crotty/Getty

If you follow @byrdiebeauty on Snapchat, you can probably guess we're still recovering from last night's Golden Globes festivities. (Goop-approved hangover cures, anyone?) But when we weren't hamming it up on the red carpet or high-fiving the kids from Stranger Things (pinch me), we were also tallying the votes for your pick of the night's best beauty look—and we have a clear winner.

It turns out you loved Lily Collins's deep-red lip and braided updo as much as we did, and as promised, we're here to report exactly how to get the look yourself—down to the products her makeup artist used to prep the actress's porcelain complexion. Keep reading to find out how to get this romantic look at home!