Lily Aldridge Looks Like Taylor Swift With Her New Platinum Blonde Hair

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Throughout her long and ongoing career as a supermodel (most famously for Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated), Lily Aldridge has maintained the same hair color, which is a shiny shade of chestnut brown. She's switched up her hairstyle from time to time—recently posting a photo in which she wore faux bangs and looked eerily similar to Jane Birkin—yet she hasn't deviated far from her natural brunette color.

So, imagine our surprise when we saw Aldridge's most recent Instagram post in which she's showing off her brand new platinum blonde hair. Not only did she make a change, but she made what might be the most dramatic change that a brunette can make. She didn't stop with color, either. Aldridge had her long hair chopped into a short and shaggy bob. Now, she looks a lot like her pal Taylor Swift, at least in our humble opinion. Keep scrolling to see her new hair for yourself.

Aldridge entrusted her look to Panos Papandrianos, who is a New York-based celebrity hairstylist. He's an expert when it comes to wigs, but based on Aldridge's caption, "Dream Haircut," and the seamless look of her hair, we're going to go ahead and say it's real. Her hair has been lightened to an icy platinum blonde, save for the dark roots, which give the look a cool, rock n' roll vibe. The roots match her dark and defined eyebrows that look only darker and more defined by contrast.

The color is one thing, but when it's combined with a shaggy cut, it reminds us of Taylor Swift circa 2016. In fact, we think Aldridge looks a lot like Swift in this photo. The two are real-life pals, so we'd like to think that maybe the pop star inspired Aldridge to take the hair transformation leap. Did she text Swift for inspiration? Did Swift offer up som platinum blonde haircare product recs? Did she bring in a photo of Swift to her hairstylist? We have questions.

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