"Sometimes I'm Bloated": Lili Reinhart Claps Back at Pregnancy Rumors

This weekend, Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart was enjoying a break from filming while visiting fellow co-star and boyfriend Cole Sprouse in New Orleans where he's filming a new upcoming project. What should have been an enjoyable long weekend exploring NOLA took a sour turn last evening when a photo circulated of Reinhart and Sprouse (out with actresses Zoey Deutch and Haley Lu Richardson) where fans were quick to assume Reinhart was—wait for it—pregnant.

"Lili Reinhart from Riverdale looks pregnant. Or at least from that photo posted by Cole," writes one Twitter user.

Rumors in any form are hurtful, but this speculation, in particular, stemmed from Reinhart's physicality, specifically her weight and what fans regarded as a shift from her usual appearance, which could apparently only be explained by pregnancy. Ask anyone if they think it's reasonable for strangers to comment on the changing state of their stomach—the answer will almost always be "Absolutely never."

But Reinhart took this as an opportunity to take the public at large to school via her Instagram Stories and educate them on proper social media (and human) etiquette.