None of Lili Reinhart's Met Gala Makeup Costs More Than $15

Updated 05/08/18
All of Lili Reinhart's Makeup Costs Loss
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The Met Gala isn't exactly known for being relatable. (The over-the-top nature of it is kind of the point, no?) But the great thing about the beauty looks gracing the red carpet this evening is that many of them are actually quite attainable—and sometimes very affordable.

Consider Riverdale star Lili Reinhart, who joined the festivities tonight in head-to-toe H&M. Makeup artist Adam Breuchaud even put together her shimmery look with the help of products from the mega retailer's beauty section—and nothing costs more than $15.

"We wanted to match the soft strength of the dress with Lili's makeup," Breuchaud explained to us via email, noting that the gala's Heavenly Bodies theme certainly played an influence in the look. "The silver and gold tones on her eyes are very heavenly," he says.

H&M Highlighter $15

Breuchaud attributes Reinhart's overall glow to H&M's Radiant Face Primer ($15), which has a luminescent finish to it, for that lit-from-within look. He also dusted her cheekbones with the brand's Highlighter ($15).

As for getting the look at home, he has a key pointer: Use powder sparingly. "Even go as far as to only powder the areas you don't want glowy, which is your T-zone, chin, and the sides of your nose," he says.

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