Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Wants You to Know the Red Carpet Isn't Reality

Photo: Getty Images

Not unlike an episode of Riverdale, my interview with Lili Reinhart (aka The CW show’s beloved Betty Cooper) featured a series of trials and tribulations, teaming with excitement, untold truths, and the ultimate suspenseful cliffhanger: a dial tone.

“I know it’s been kind of a pain in the ass to set this up,” she points out almost immediately when we first connect over the phone. “My schedule is stupid, so I apologize for that.”

Considering that the actress is in the time-demanding midst of filming Riverdale’s hot, heavily pursued second season in Vancouver, Canada, it's a testament to her character (and professionalism) that she's even apologizing—hardly necessary since I'm more than grateful to have even a brief 20 minutes with her.

And though our conversation ultimately finales with an abrupt air of mystery, between minutes 0:00 and 19:57, the actress proves mature well beyond her 21 years. Lili Reinhart isn’t Betty Cooper, but her resilient manner, thoughtful responses, and innate love of product and beauty (all punctuated with a refreshing dose of snap and transparency) certainly don't go unnoticed.