Lili Reinhart Gave Me a Facial and Told Me All Her Skincare Secrets

Sitting in traffic right before a celebrity interview is stressful. I know because that was me, in the middle of Los Angeles, 15 minutes before I was scheduled to interview Lili Reinhart, who is otherwise known as Betty Cooper, the complex, sweet yet sly blonde-haired high schooler we all know and love from CW's massive hit show Riverdale. When she isn't proving her acting chops on one of today's most popular TV series, she's opening up a dialogue about historically hushed topics—like body positivity, anxiety, and acne—on her social media. Lately, she's been the face of Dermalogica's two new Clear Start skincare products while helping to develop a professional skin treatment called the Clearly Glowing Face Fit. That's why I was there (or, more accurately, almost there, bursting forth from the back seat of an Uber with my interview questions in tow). 

It wasn't just an interview, though. Reinhart was to demonstrate the new products by actually giving me the full Dermalogica facial. As weird as that sounds, it only made sense, considering she worked hand-in-hand with the brand to develop it. So there I was, slightly out of breath and a little flushed from my post-Uber rush, while Reinhart applied and removed the new Dermalogica products with the grace and aptitude of a skilled esthetician. Throughout the treatment, we talked all things beauty—including her passion for skincare, her struggles with acne, and her five favorite products of all time. Keep scrolling to see everything she had to say and learn why she's relatable AF.