Beauty Entrepreneur Lia Dias Bought Hype Hair Magazine to Celebrate Black Beauty

"We're creating a community of people that care about Black hair."

Lia Dias

Byrdie / Lia Dias

For many Black women, we can vividly recall flipping through the glossy pages of Hype Hair Magazine before a salon appointment. The nearly 30-year-old publication has always provided us with doses of inspiration for our next hair look and kept us filled in on the latest Black hair trends. But until recently, the legacy publication was not Black-owned. In 2013, the brand was acquired by Uptown Ventures and later sold in 2017 to a private company.

Wanting to ensure the magazine was entirely run and curated by the people it catered to, beauty entrepreneur and Married to Medicine Los Angeles star Lia Dias stepped in and acquired Hype Hair Magazine earlier this month. For Dias, this business decision was partially influenced by her nostalgic ties to the publication, but it also felt in line with her work in beauty. She owns a chain of successful beauty supply stores in California called Girl Cave LA, a venture she founded to provide Black women with a safe space to shop for all of their beauty essentials. Becoming the owner of Hype Hair Magazine is another move that allows her to amplify her larger mission of empowering the Black community and promoting a realistic standard of beauty.

"I had so many other projects on my plate, and I stopped everything because I felt like having Hype Hair Magazine owned by a Black woman and being able to hire Black creatives to produce the content was exactly how [the magazine] is supposed to be," Dias tells us. 

What can we expect from Hype Hair Magazine under Dias’ leadership? Fresh energy, exciting content (like tutorials), and a never-ending celebration of Black beauty. The first project that will be unveiled as part of the magazine's rebirth is the March issue. "We actually have two covers coming out for March because we have so much fun content, and we want to give our subscribers a lot of value," Dias says. 

She revealed the magazine's March theme will center around the beauty of business and highlight women across the country making an impact in the industry. "We want to highlight these stories," Dias says. "We want to celebrate them. It's a big deal that Black women are in the hair industry. It's a big deal that Black women's hair shapes everyone's culture."

When asked about the lasting imprint she hopes to have on Black culture, Dias says she aims to use her acquisition of Hype Hair Magazine to inspire the Black community and support Black beauty innovators. "My mission is to make sure people know that ownership and a path to wealth are possible," she explains. "I also want to give women in this industry a platform to show other people what they're doing. We're creating a community of people that care about Black hair and Black beauty."

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