The First Flushable Pregnancy Test Is Here—and It's Completely Biodegradable

LIA brings the first major update to pregnancy testing.

The Lia Pregnancy Test

For obvious reasons, taking an at-home pregnancy test can be an overwhelming time—especially when taking into account how the outcome can alter her life forever. Outdated pregnancy detecting methods only increase the pressure. 

Amongst some of the biggest complaints from people who need answers immediately are complicated instructions and unclear results. That, coupled with the worry of how to dispose of the test is enough to leave anyone flooded with emotion. 

Unfortunately for the last 30 years, discretion has not been at the forefront of at-home pregnancy tests. On a mission to end privacy concerns and anxiety, LIA has created an ultra-thin design that not only fits into any purse or pocket, but is also completely flushable. 

The Lia Pregnancy Test

This non-traditional pregnancy test features the first (and only!) flushable design made with paper. This allows people to easily keep their experience private if they so choose.

While some may have hesitations about trusting a paper pregnancy test, the healthcare company reassures users that there is no need for concern. According to LIA, a special coating keeps the handmade test firm during use. However, once the test is disposed of in the toilet and submerged in water, the coating dissolves allowing it to soften and disintegrate. 

The USA-made pregnancy detector is also environmentally-friendly. Similar to 3-ply toilet paper once flushed, the test biodegrades in as little as 10 weeks.   

LIA also offers the option of branding-free packaging for those looking for further privacy. To learn more about the innovative product, which is shoppable for $14, visit

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