26 LGBTQ+-Owned Fashion Brands to Shop and Support

Support these queer creators when you shop.

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Queer designers and creators have been the backbone of fashion throughout its history. They are the innovators who make fashion moments, creating timeless clothing and style that lasts a lifetime. However, even in 2022, queer designers—especially those in the trans and nonbinary community—are still often shut out of big markets, in favor of heteronormative fashion. Each Pride month, we see big fashion corporations slap rainbows on clothing and merch without bridging that diversity into hiring or design practices. Even getting size and gender-inclusive clothing is still an uphill battle.

However, there are plenty of LGBTQ+ creators who have amazing clothes to offer, both for their own artistic expression and for their communities. As more people realize the horrors of fast fashion, you can spend your shopping dollar wisely by purchasing directly from queer designers and brands, especially those who also have other marginalized identities.

Ahead, see 26 LGBTQ+ fashion brands that should be on your radar this year, including trans-owned brands, gender-inclusive fashion, and labels that are queering the fashion industry, one piece at a time.


Quickly becoming one of the most popular size-inclusive, gender-inclusive brands on the market, Wildfang is a queer-run, female-founded label by Emma Mcilroy, Taralyn Thuot, and Julia Parsley, who started the “tomboy” brand in 2012. Wildfang’s mission is to rethink gender norms with a size-inclusive line of blazers, button-ups, coveralls, and pants—all with amazing pockets. Wildfang also has a focus on sustainability and has given over $500,000 since its founding to worthy charities. If you need something to wear to the office, Wildfang is for you.

Official Rebrand

Founded by nonbinary designer, MI Leggett, Official Rebrand is a gender-free, anti-waste brand that takes discarded clothing and remakes it into pieces that are both artistic and fashionable. Their line includes shirts, dresses, corsets, and anything else they can get their hands on to create a one-of-a-kind piece.


You’ve probably seen the famous Telfar shopping bag, AKA the “Bushwick Birkin," that has been taking the Internet by storm over the past few years. Telfar was created by queer Liberian-American designer, Telfar Clemens, who launched the brand in 2003. While the shopping bags are the most popular item, Telfar also offers T-shirts, shoes, jewelry, hats, and other apparel, along with collaborations with Ugg and Converse.

Kirrin Finch 

Founded by Brooklyn-based couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, Kirrin Finch is a menswear-inspired clothing brand, designed for females and non-binary bodies. The label has a range of button-down shirts, trousers, vests, sweaters, jackets, and “androgynous suiting” tailored to your body type. If you’re looking for a good suit, check out Kirrin Finch. 


Founded by James Flemons in 2013, Phlemuns is a Black-owned, queer-owned, unisex fashion label based in Los Angeles. Phlemuns takes an “inclusive slow-fashion” approach to clothing, crafting unique and interesting tops, bottoms, dresses, and sets for all gender identities.

Automic Gold 

If you’re looking for unique jewelry, check out Automic Gold, a jewelry brand that uses reclaimed gold for all of its pieces and recyclable packaging for shipping. Founded by AL Sandimirova (they/them), Automic Gold has a wide variety of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even wedding bands. They also do custom orders.


Breaking gender barriers in swimwear, Humankind is a gender-fluid swimwear line designed to fit a variety of body types for any activity. Founded by queer designer Haily Marzullo, Humankind has both swimwear and sportswear for the queer community, including pride-themed swim tops.

Peau De Loup

If you’re looking for the perfect flannel or button-up shirt that supports the queer community, check out Peau De Loup. Founded in 2012 by Adelle Renaud and Erin McLeod, this brand challenges gender norms in fashion for female and non-binary bodies, with standout pieces including suit jackets.

Nicole Zizi Studio

Get your denim fix with Nicole Zizi Studio, which uses recycled Japanese denim textiles to create amazing clothes. Founded by Black queer fashion designer Nicole Zizi, the LGBTQ+-owned fashion brand crafts streetwear with an emphasis on sustainability. Along with denim, the label also has T-shirts, sweats, outerwear, bags, and hats. You can also have garments custom-made for your exact measurements.


Swim weather will be here before you know it, so pick out some pieces from Chromat, a size-inclusive brand that uses sustainable fabrics for each stunning piece. Founded in 2010 by Becca McCharen-Tran, Chromat continues to celebrate the LGBTQ+ fashion community by including trans, nonbinary, and queer people at runway shows.

No Sesso

Italian for “no sex/no gender,” No Sesso is a community-powered brand that's genderless and diverse. Pierre Davis founded the label in in 2015 and works alongside Autumn Randolph and Arin Hayes to create a unique style with a range of prints, fabrics, and reconstructs. Check out the colorful collection of dresses, sweaters, tops, and skirts.

Private Policy

If you’re looking for a variety of fashion choices that look unique and stunning, check out Private Policy. Founded by Siying Qu and Haoran Li, Private Policy is a genderless fashion label that has a wide variety of T-shirts, tops, bottoms, and dresses that are sure to make you look amazing.

Carmen Liu

Known as being the UK’s first lingerie brand for tucking underwear, Carmen Liu is designed and run by a trans woman and now caters to all genders. With its gorgeous collection of panties, bras, and tucking underwear, this LGBTQ+ fashion brand is perfect for anyone who wants to feel a little sexy.


If you’re looking for something amazing to wear (and some unique pieces to have around your home), check out Otherwild. Queer-identifying and woman-owned, Otherwild is a store, design studio, and event space that you can visit both in-person at its Los Angeles location and online. Otherwild produces its own line of apparel and home goods while also collaborating with other LGBTQ+ fashion brands, creating a community of creativity.

Makoma The Brand 

Creating one-of-a-kind designs using African prints and classic silhouettes, Makoma The Brand offers a selection of ethically made clothing to help customers be themselves. Founded by Judith, who is also the co-owner and hairstylist of the inclusive salon and barbershop Chokmah Hair Lab. Makoma has a variety of stunning jumpsuits, dresses, ponchos, and recyclable materials.

Coco and Breezy 

Whether you’re looking for blue light-blocking glasses, sunglasses, or need to update your prescription glasses, check out Coco and Breezy, a black and queer-owned company run by twin sisters, Corianna and Brianna Dotson, since 2009. The duo's fashionable glasses have been worn by Prince, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, among others, and even inspired their former intern, Elisa Johnson, to launch her own sunglasses label.

Origami Customs 

If you’re looking for gender-affirming lingerie and swimwear, check out Origami Customs for its stunning designs and size-inclusive clothing. Owned by Rae, a non-binary trans and queer person, Origami Customs creates clothing from sustainable materials and buys from small, family-owned businesses. Along with selling binders and gaffs, the brand also has helpful guides so consumers can choose the right fit.


Neewin is an LGBTQ+-owned fashion brand that can do both. Founded in 2019 by Nghi Nguyen, a trans man, this label has a variety of stunning pieces for every occasion you may have, from puffer jackets to evening gowns to comforting bathrobes.

Brandon Blackwood 

This eponymous queer-owned handbag brand is brought to you by Brandon Blackwood, a Jamaican Chinese designer who creates stunning handbags, wallets, and sunglasses of various styles and designs. If you see one you like, pick it up fast as they tend to sell out quickly.

Jannike Sommar 

With the ambition to “create her own queer universe in fashion,” lesbian fashion designer Jannike Sommar is ditching the heteronormative approach when it comes to fashion, instead embracing bold colors and innovative designs. This LGBTQ+ brand carries a variety of jeans, tops, sweats, and even a Pride collection.


If you’re not into the lacy underwear sets we’ve shown on this list, check out TomBoyX for underwear that's big on fun patterns without any frills. Founded in 2013 by Fran Dunaway and her wife, Naomi Gonzales, TomBoyX is an eco-friendly, gender-neutral brand that includes a range of different styles and sizes to embrace any body type. They even have period underwear.

Nik Kacy 

An LGBT-certified business, Nik Kacy Footwear is the first gender-free footwear line that accommodates people throughout the gender spectrum. This eponymous footwear brand is by Nik Kacy, a gender-nonconforming trans masculine non-binary person, who was also the creator and executive producer of Equality Fashion Week. The brand has a variety of sneakers, boots, and dress shoes for your taste, style, and size.

Christopher John Rogers 

Designing clothing for Lizzo, Zendaya, and even Vice President Kamala Harris, Christopher John Rogers has been creating excitement in the fashion world with his bright colors and patterns. You can find his pieces on Net-A-Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue, among others.

Gauntlett Cheng 

Created by Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng in 2015, Gauntlett Cheng has created stunning dresses, skirts, and tops that are perfect for spring—or any time of the year. The brand even has clothing just for your pet so you and your dog can match.


Interesting, edgy, and completely stylish, Barragán was founded by queer Mexican designer Victor Barragán. The brand creates interesting tops, bottoms, outerwear, and dresses for all gender identities, including cut-out baby tees and overskirts with long shorts. '90s trends, meet the future. 


Since its founding in 2014, Flavnt Streetwear has been giving back to the LGBTQ+ community with its collection of T-shirts, hoodies, sweats, socks, and binders. Owners Courtney Rhodes and Chris Rhodes created Flavnt for queer people and create clothing that embraces self-confidence and pride, not gender roles.

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