4 Letters to Our Former Selves—Because Summer Is Ending, and We Feel Nostalgic

Life moves so remarkably fast, building in speed each year we're alive. Adults always said it would, but in some ways, I never believed them until now. This past summer felt like the longest season I've ever lived yet somehow was gone before I could blink. Summer has a way of doing that I suppose, feeling never-ending during the morning commutes yet euphoric and long-lasting on groggy Sundays and sticky beach days. Upon reflection, I realized a lot had gone down in my life over these three months and I wanted to look back at the person I was before it all started. Similar, of course, because no enormous amount of time had passed, but really different just the same. So I wrote a letter to the person I was then and asked my co-workers to take part in the exercise as well. 

We've all had different experiences but could agree on one resounding thing: We're feeling nostalgic. And thoughtful. And below, you can take a trip back in time with us to before August hit and sent us into a fall-related tizzy.