All You Need: Leonor Greyl's New Oil

I’m not big on multipurpose products--I like to keep my skincare separate from my makeup, my shampoo does not double as my body wash--but as I traverse the country this summer, attending one wedding after another, I’ve come to rely on Leonor Greyl’s new Huile Secret de Beaute ($66) for just about everything.

What is it, exactly?
A blend of 98% natural oils including pomegranate seed oil, an antioxidant that activates cell renewal and improves elasticity, and mongongo oil (from the African tree nuts of the same name), which is rich in vitamin E and eleostearic acid to protect the hair from UV rays while moisturizing.

How do you use it?
Almost everywhere! The lemongrass-meets-gardenia scent smells dreamy, making it an ideal summer perfume. Not surprisingly, the oil is super moisturizing. After stepping out of the shower I pat my skin dry, spray this everywhere, and immediately rub it in. It dries so quickly and without a greasy finish, leaving my skin baby soft. (Though it’s not shiny, I swear it makes my tan look extra glowy.) Then it’s on to hair! The oil serves dual purposes: you can use it as a treatment, coating the mid-lengths to ends of your locks and shampooing out after 10 minutes for a major shot of hydration, or post-styling, to calm frizz and add shine to the ends of your hair. And lastly, it makes a great moisturizer for your cuticles--a must-have during a summer spent in sandals. If you’ve been wary of oils, consider this your gateway product.