Exclusive: Leona Lewis Reveals Her Hair and Skin Secrets

Mariah, Whitney, Celine—it’s hard not to compare U.K. songstress Leona Lewis to pop divas past. Her vocal prowess alone earns her a place among them, with a range and timbre that somehow convey all of our heartbreak in a single note (see the countless amount of times we ugly-cried to her breakout single, “Bleeding Love”). Her beauty-chameleon tendencies have her poised for icon status, too—a quick scroll through her Instagram will reveal an ever-changing hairstyle (and color) rotation and even the occasional face glitter appearance (she is a pop star, after all). Enviable brow game aside, Lewis has emerged as a musical force in her own right, especially on the heels of her newest album, I Am—a record that’s different from her previous releases in one key way. We caught up with the singer to talk about the journey that took her there, the main theme of the album, and of course all her best beauty tips. Keep scrolling to read our interview!