Do Those Futuristic-Looking LED Light Masks Really Work?

Perhaps you've seen Jessica Alba's infamous Instagram photo of her pre-work "emergency session" featuring a glowing pink, er, space mask. What's this emergency, you ask? Those who aren't familiar with LED light therapy might have thought she was headed on a mission into the galaxy, but truth be told, these masks are quite popular among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Because we were so perplexed as to what the hype is all about, we turned to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner.

Turns out these psychedelic masks actually help improve the skin and heal problem areas, just by emitting light: "LED facial lights come in two main varieties when it comes to skin: Blue light is commonly used to treat acne, because it is antibacterial and can help kill acne-causing bacteria. Red light is used to fight skin aging, because it is anti-inflammatory and may help promote collagen production," Zeichner explains. Most masks cost upward of a hundred dollars, so it's definitely an investment, though with its healing abilities, it may be a worthy one.

If you're wondering if they're a quick fix, like Alba's "emergency" decree, turns out you're going to have to be patient: "It takes several weeks of consistent use to obtain results. While they can help, they are best used in combination with other therapies like in-office lasers, skin-firming topicals, and injectables," Zeichner explains. "Injectables" is a little more invasive than we'd like to use at this point, but we'll stick with topicals for now. Our favorite OTC remedy? Clinique Repairwear Uplifting Firming Face Cream.

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