Leave-In Conditioner: Moisturizer For Your Hair

When hair stylist Riawna Capri was at Byrdie headquarters for Julianne Hough’s editorial shoot, she devoted a good ten minutes to lecturing us on the importance of leave-in conditioners. “It's your protection from all the earth’s elements, as well as all the heat damage you may do,” she says. “It's basically your vitamins for your hair.”

Hair stylist Alex Polillo—the man behind Rooney Mara’s always-gleaming locks—agrees. “It's a basic care product, like moisturizer, but for your hair!” He’s right: you’d never leave the house without moisturizing your face, so why not your hair? Once you’re armed with one of the lightweight formulas listed above, follow Pollilo’s number one tip: “Always put it in wet hair and remember that a little goes a long way.”