Exclusive: Lea Michele Shares Her (Free) Secret to Glowing Skin

Wise isn’t an adjective I throw around lightly. Neither is sage-like or self-possessed. But these are the words that come to mind when tasked with describing celebrated actress, singer, and health guru Lea Michele.

I met with the fresh-faced and effortlessly chambray-clad performer in honor of her new partnership with Burt’s Bees’ #BringBacktheBees campaign. To raise awareness of the decline of bees, the brand is launching three limited-edition lip balms, donating 1000 wildflower seeds (aka a bee’s dream feast) for every purchase of the balms or Instagram/Twitter post tagged with #BringBacktheBees.

As Lea and I were introduced, she greeted me with an enviably white smile and serene demeanor, both of which served to quickly soothe my buoyant nerves. I’ve been a fan of Michele since I was a teenager (that voice, hello). I’m also no stranger to the phrase “Never meet your heroes.”

To my delight, the clear-complected brunette was nothing but bright-eyed and personable as I picked her brain on topics from her diet and workout secrets to her current skincare essentials to her most embarrassing beauty moments.

Ever wondered how Hollywood celebs stay motivated to eat healthy and work out? Ever wondered what their beauty routines look like behind closed doors? To find out Lea Michele's top-secret diet, fitness, and skincare tips, keep scrolling!

Can’t get enough of the star? Follow along as we take a peek inside Lea Michele’s fridge.