Le Labo's Six Weeks of Scents

So often, the best things in life are hard to get your hands on. Take Le Labo’s City Scents for example. The only way to score a bottle of the cult brand’s peppery Poivre 23 (London) or its woody Gaiac 10 (Tokyo) is to travel to the city itself. Regardless of how hard you beg or how much money you offer, the brand will only sell it to you if you’re standing in front of the counter in that specific store in that specific city. Well, until now. Starting today, and for the next six weeks, you can score any of the scents in any of Le Labo’s stores. We’re partial to Los Angeles’ Musc 25 ($116), a vetiver and civet based fragrance with floral notes on top. But since we can score it on the regular, we’ll be snagging Chicago’s Baie Rose 26 ($116), a jazz-inspired juice full of clove, cedar, and rose. Good luck choosing just one!